Mince pies (2018)

Mini mince pies. A Christmas requisite in England. Preferably with a glass of sherry.

I made these with a jar of mincemeat filling from England, and a box of frozen puff pastry crust. I rolled out the crust a bit, cut out a bigger circle for the bottom (big enough to create the edges of the little tiny pie) and a smaller circle for the top.

My mince pies looked like they were wearing jaunty little berets, rather than a top crust. But they were cute.

I sprayed Pam in the two muffin tins (each could hold 12) and also, beat an egg and brushed the tops with beaten egg before baking. Can’t remember how long I baked them — try perhaps 400 for 15 to 20 minutes? (Watch them carefully).

Dust with sifted powdered sugar right before serving.

Rating: 3.


Jar of mincemeat filling

Box (2 rolls) of frozen puff pastry

Pam, to spray the muffin tins

Powdered sugar to dust the tops


See above. Wing it if you have to. Seems to be a forgiving process.

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